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2011 Style Guide by Mark: Getting to the Bottom of Things—Shoes

One major mistake that the more conservative male dresser commits against his suit is the color of the shoes—black only.

Don’t get me wrong, though. The black dress shoe should be an integral part of every man’s wardrobe; but this season it is all about breaking it up a bit—boldly mixing and matching.

Traditionally, shoes matched your belt. So instead of black, why not try brown; then, match the shade of brown to your belt and accessories, such as your briefcase or shoulder bag.

Now if you are really confident with your eye for color, seek out a shoe with a splash of color and—then—match that color with your tie, sweater, vest, or belt.

(Bear in mind, however, belts are not imperative this season. A beltless suit look can add an air of casual confidence and a little more length to the slim silhouette that you are trying to achieve.)

As for the type of shoe, the ankle-high dress boot is a nice variation. If you live in an area where the winter or rainy season is messy, lace up a more rugged-looking boot.

Finally for the young at heart, a stylish yet unpretentious sneaker can spice up a casual but “cooler” look.

(P.S. Retire the square-toe shoes!)

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