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2011 Style Guide by Mark: Panting over Pants & Below

Two weeks ago, I delved into a series of articles called “2011 Style Guide by Mark,” pointing out how the main staple of this fashion season is none other than the suit—but with a twist.

The pendulum is swinging more formal, but with a modern, urban flair; so if we truly want to achieve this twist, we have to take an in-depth look at pants.

Now, you could take the easy road by purchasing a suit that comes with a jacket and matching pants, but you probably will not master the compete look of the season.
Currently, the right slacks for your suit attire will probably not be identical to the jacket but rather different in shade, color, hue, texture, material and/or pattern.

If you are ever unsure, don’t be embarrassed to ask for experienced help: matching colors and coordinating patterns require a good level of fashion sense.

If you are mixing up your look with a pair of jeans, for example, a darker color pair will normally go better with a suit jacket of a different color, texture, and/or pattern.

Whatever color or pattern you do choose, make sure the pants are without pleats, low waist, and slim leg. The young at heart may even throw on a blazer over some very snug-legged pants.

How Tight is Tight?

For the past few seasons, leggings have been appearing on the runways around the world, however, since most men would not wear them, they translate into in everyday life as snug-fitting pants—in some cases, almost as if they have been painted on!

Sock It to Me!

Thanks to designers like Thom Browne, some men are wearing their slimmer pants slightly above the ankle, showing some “skin” in the summer and some lively color-coordinated socks in the winter.

Again, if you do not have much experience, ask for help with this look; otherwise you may walk out of the store looking like you just put on some hand-me-downs!

Nevertheless, a little color showing at the ankle and coordinated with another item like the tie can really set you apart from the crowd!

Have a look at more examples.

Photo Copyright Giovane Gentile.


2011 Style Guide by Mark: Panting over Pants & Below {Turkish fashion designers}