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2011 Style Guide by Mark

What’s Hot, What’s Not & How to Own It for Yourself

For many men, fashion is fickle—the pendulum can swing from one extreme to another in relatively no time at all!
This situation can present multiple problems because, with all the radical changes, it is difficult to know what’s in style, what is not, what’s mere trend, and how to adopt a new look.
Back in the 1970s, for example, it was fashionable to wear suits with wide ties, huge lapels, and bell-bottom pants—the kind that widened from the knee to the ankle.
Afterwards, however there occurred a gradual “casualization” of trends whereby suits, ties, slacks, and jackets became more and more unpopular—even in the office!
Well, this season the pendulum is swinging back to the opposite end of the spectrum, wherein the main ingredients of a man’s wardrobe are none other than the suit and tie—but only with a millennium twist.

While the tie, jacket, and pants may constitute the milk, flour, and sugar of the cake, it is entirely up to you this season how you want to bake the cake—and believe me, there is a lot of mixing in the making.
At the same time, there are some guidelines, which I would like to spell out over the next few weeks. I will be using a photo gallery courtesy of Giovane Gentile.
First of all, contrary to the wideness of decades past, the current male silhouette is slim, sleek, and elongated.
Please note: this look has nothing to do with your height or weight. You can still pull it off if you are not so tall or thin, and I plan to show you how, even if you are a bit shorter and hefty.

In the meanwhile, let’s lay out some more staples that are gaining ground around the world in addition to the fitted suit.
Another trend that is catching on quickly is layering, often seen on the runways around the world as “draping.”
In everyday language and use, draping translates as “layers,” which can appear like a sweater worn under a suit jacket, a down vest over a suit jacket, bow ties, scarves, topcoats, bags, and more.
One extra “layer” that is gaining popularity is the trench coat—but reinterpreted.
During my recent visit home to Italy, I saw what I call the “sawed-off” trench; that is, a shortened version of the trench coat that extends just below the waist.
Finally, hats are returning to men’s wardrobes with unprecedented speed. I am not talking about baseball caps but rather various types of hats.
Well, we have a lot of ground to cover, so stay tuned this week for more menswear trends and how to make them yours! Guys, it’s time to own the trends!

Guys, it’s time to own the trends! See more examples.

Photos Copyright Giovane Gentile.

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