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A Designer’s Day in Tunis

After another hearty breakfast of cheese, yogurt and figs, I had the chance to experience a typical day in the life of a young emerging designer in Tunis!

Tunisian designers Salah Barka and Hafedh Barchouchi invited me to accompany them to the textile souq, or marketplace, where they buy assorted fabrics and accessories for their collections.
I was particularly interested in making the rounds, knowing that the major challenge of a young Tunisian designer is finding an adequate assortment of fine fabrics.
So, we started our steps at the “Door of France,” then diving into the windy streets of the souq.

Not only did I meet many of their friends along the way, but I also visited some artisan shops of traditional menswear.

The crowning experience of the shopping spree was a sumptuous lunch, consisting of couscous, fish, onions, and hot peppers.
In short, it was great fun for me to try on a different pair of shoes for change!
See the designer's day.

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