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A Night Out with Tunisia’s Best!

This evening I had the wonderful privilege of meeting nationally acclaimed Salah Barka—a young designer who is considered one of the most talented not only of Tunisia but also northern Africa!

Salah arrived at my hotel this evening with another emerging Tunisian designer named Hafedh Barchouchi.

After a round of photos, the three of us walked down the street in the cool of the night to the center of the city, where we enjoyed a pleasant meal as we conversed in Italian, French, English, and Arabic!

Salah and Hafedh discussed with me the many facets of their work as young designers in Tunisia and what it is like work as custom designer for the theater, commercials, and productions of films and movies, all the while designing for the general public.

Amazingly, both designers are self taught as they peruse the web and a multitude of resources, such as library archives, ancient mosaics, museum artifacts, and old films—all of which inspire their creations.

With ease, the two narrated the evening away about the differences—both subtle and vast—among the men’s styles of the ancient Romans, Carthaginians, Phoenicians, and Ottomans!

Young, talented, aspiring, and vibrant—Salah and Hafedh totally won my heart this evening! I look forward to meeting with them again this week to learn more about their lives and work. Stay tuned!

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