Marika Barbie + [Spanish fashion designers]

Adolfo Dominguez at Cibeles Madrid Fashion Week

As many of you know, September is a month packed with fashion weeks around the world.

Just last week was Cibeles Fashion Week in Madrid, where numerous menswear designers from Spain presented their 2016 spring/summer collections.

First in the lineup, I would like to present Adolfo Dominguez, a true pioneer in the Spanish fashion industry.

In 1950, Adolfo Dominguez, Sr., opened a tailor shop in Orense, Spain. When he passed away in the mid-1970’s, his son, Adolfo Dominguez, Jr., took over and launched a high-end menswear line.

In 1991, a fire destroyed the factory, but Adolfo Dominguez would not be overcome. The company restructured and prospered!

Nearly 20 years later, the label is still a pioneer in the Spanish fashion market, encouraging people everywhere not to allow distaster to stop us!

Click here to view the collection.