Marika Barbie + [press release]

ANNTIAN Spring/Summer 2016 “Ocean View”

Picturing one dreamily look on the ocean, the collection plays with the variety of thoughts and feelings evoked within.

Tropical fruits, their taste and inherent beauty, plants and the unique diversity of rich colors, surfaces and haptics they offer—natural luxury.

Murmuring and flowing water, waves and plants, wind, structures of rocks and haptics of sand, shapes of mussels and corals - and all the multiple scents and smells. Contemplation, emotional and sensual experiences constitute the line.

Behind this is our wish to touch on the subject of how important the relation and behaviour towards nature, food and “living together” is.

Colours like sky, ocean blue, coconut white, reed and kiwi green, coral and watermelon red, orange, citron yellow go along with natural, soft , fluent and transparent, so as pure , rigid and clear materials.

The Shapes show movement and waves combined with contrasting straight and clear forms.

See the whole view.

Photos by Johanna Ruebel, CopyrightANNTIAN.
Hair/make-up: Mo Oturak
Models: Julia & Richard


ANNTIAN Spring/Summer 2016 “Ocean View” {press release}