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Carin Wester—Daring, Delicate & Defined

The menswear line of Carin Wester is called “Wester,” which can be found in stores through northern Europe, North America, and Japan.

This Swedish designer launched her eponymous label in 2003, several years after having graduated from Beckman’s School of Design. During that interim, she also worked for Paul & Friends.

Based in Stockholm, Sweden, Carin Wester has been the recipient of several prestigious awards.

In her 2016 spring/summer collection, Carin drew on Native Indian motifs with feathers, beads, rock necklaces, and capes, all of which added the right ethnic touch to her Bohemian flair.

Carin boldly accentuated the masculine look with subtle touches of lace.

View the collection.

Photos Property of Berns Salonger & Copyright Kristian Löveborg at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week.

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