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Yohji Yamamoto

COMING SOON is the first contemporary brand without the name of the designer mentioned. It is a brand created for a generation of women and men who wear what they like without stating who designed it.

These individual looks that combined Japanese style DNA with an Italian vestibility are timeless, casual wear pieces made with perfect construction and sophisticated simplistic details. One of the signs of COMING SOON is the dot logo on the label that is directly embroidered on the clothing making it visible on the outfit’s exterior.

For its sixth collection, Spring-Summer 2016, the COMING SOON catalogue itself strengthens the idea of the “Coming Sooners”, a gang of real people agreeing with COMING SOON’s philosophy; thus the Spring-Summer look book features an artistic family made of journalists, art directors, or editors, as the first chapter of this new tribe’s story.

This season, COMING SOON went back to the roots of the brand. It asserts its style through natural fabrics and a soft scale of colors: on a base of black and white is developed a palette of beige, greige, autumnal shades and different tones of blue (from light to royal and navy), enlighted with touches of pure red.

Both men and women can enjoy a large range of accessories, from the 72-hour bowling bag or the ideal daily tote bag coming with its matched Japanese clutch, to the polka dot bicolor scarf bringing back the dot logo on the foreground.

Men’s side is playing around the perfect masculine wardrobe. Classic suits worn with trilby hats and scarves seem to have a British accent, which one can also find in the Prince-of-Wales prints. The reversible vest—now a COMING SOON classic—that matches a casual shirt and used jeans, could be the ideal uniform for a poet, who would also wear his white shirt outside with his striped suit and would not hesitate to counterbalance the smartness of his jacket with dot logo t-shirts or sneakers.

This sixth collection is like a game with classic codes, a complex simplicity, a succession of soft suggestions never taken literally but always with a twist. A game of hide-and-seek leading to a subtle balance: eventually the essence of COMING SOON.

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