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Commune de Paris: Hear the Roar Coming from the Street

Commune de Paris 1871 has launched yet another attack. Uproar and smoke. A collection of menswear, lively classic.

Scattered red and blue republican symbols appear on noble fabric of sober colours.

A cabinet of curios, packed with objects created by artists federated around the label (Lili Fleury, Munchausen, Adeline Cacheux), who reinvent the cockade, convert flags, coins and historical engravings, take over cannons, barricades, and furious roosters.

About Commune de Paris

It was a chance encounter between three young Parisians, all active in the world of fashion and graphic arts: Alexandre Ma├»setti, S├ębastien Lyky and Edouard Launay. What brought them together was a desire to produce and market designs that are like them.

They came up with the idea of creating a new label which would bear the stamp of both variety and coherence, based as it is on marrying a new international concept of art and traditional craftsmanship. Shirts, cushions, illustrators, polo-necks, fans, wall­papers, cashmere knitwear, factory, rings, musicians, shirts, leather...

The meeting of different genres and skills that com­bine to create a certain type of fashion, at once sim­ple, well-made, and even a bit meaningful...

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