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Comune Launches “Sandanista”—

An Exclusive Collection and Pop-Up Brand for Pacsun

Costa Mesa, CA – September 21, 2016 – COMUNE has launched “SANDANISTA”, a new and exclusive Pop-Up brand for US based retailer, PacSun.

From the mind of Frank Delgadillo, founder of contemporary street and creative culture brand, COMUNE that launched in Fall 2009, fast forward to his latest endeavor and Pop-Up brand concept, SANDANISTA.

SANDANISTA is an exclusive, affordable, diffusion collection that offers a complete array of menswear pieces and competitive pricing.

“We wanted to address the need for broader distribution and greater diversification in specific markets,” states Delgadillo.

“SANDANISTA’s progressive collection was designed to elevate the direction, perception and product assortment currently available at retail for the consumer at an affordable price.”

SANDANISTA comes from the name, Sandinista, a revolutionary party that overthrew the government and took power in Nicaragua from 1979 until 1990.

The Sandinistas philosophy was to free people from social, economic and political oppression - this mixture of causes made them very unique leaders.

SANDANISTA stems from the foundation and carefree idealism of COMUNE taking inspiration from the freethinking, revolutionary outlook of the Sandinistas with the mantra, Logic of the Majority.

“The concept of SANDANISTA allows us the opportunity as a small brand to bring a fresh, new creative outlook from design to marketing and apply it to a larger retail chain model.” continues Delgadillo.

“PacSun has expressed their interest in Comune and excitement over extending their brand assortment. We were up for the challenge to launch the concept with them first.”

Like COMUNE, SANDANISTA will continue to evolve as a new brand and revenue-driving leader. Long term growth plans within the brand model include international partnerships with select retail chains including BEAMS, Japan.

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