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Conscience: Garments without Guilt

What makes each one of us unique in this crowded world of over 6 billion people... is our CONSCIENCE. A DNA that defines how you, I and people we know live their lives and individual choices they make... that eventually impacts all of us on Planet Earth.

At Conscience we believe that there are enough believers like us who'd readily support our mission of creating a 'Guilt-free Ecosystem' that'll provide a global platform for all Ethical Businesses and consumers to engage in Responsible platform for all Ethical Businesses and consumers to engage in Responsible Commerce.

This shirt is made from handpicked cotton which stems out of an inclusive growth project which envisages striking a fine balance between the existing eco-system and the human populace, and a promise that conscience runs in every square inch of this fabric to the tag that brings you this message.

After all we must have conscience.

Operation Basis

We source fabrics only from a certified ethical producer. We are creating a base in South Asia before we look beyond that.

The ethical fabric is then imported to Sri Lanka where it is manufactured to the highest ethical facility certified as ‘Garments without Guilt.’’

1. Ethical Working Conditions
2. Free of child labour
3. Free of forced labbour
4. Free of discrimination on any grounds
5. Free of sweatshop practices

Fashion for Development

We use Bibi Russells fabrics for our collection as it empowers weavers of as it empowers weavers of Bangladesh.

Cotton Trail: Shortest Carbon Footprint (300km)

Our sourced cotton helps to adopt organic cotton cultivation of fine cotton to prevent chemical contamination of fragile forest reservoirs tracing the path from cotton farms to the foothills of animal reserve.

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