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“Dans un homme je cherche un garçon” by Patryk Szajan Sudzik

“Dans un homme je cherche un garçon” (literally, ‘In a man I look for a young man’) is a new collection by the Polish designer, Patryk Szajan Sudzik.

He uses something called “color breaks,” which are the end-points and mid-points in any spectrum of color. Anything that lies between these color points receive a blend of the break colors.

Patryk defines color breaking as an “unforeseen turnabout in male fashion.” He connects velvet and velour with pelts to give a new image in trends.

Inspired by urban fashion, Patryk uses furs in alluding to the animal instinct in human nature.

Patryk’s breaking takes place in the sunset-inspired color palette. This warm range of color provides gentleness as he emphasizes maleness.

Have a look at the look book.

Photos Copyright Patryk Szajan Sudzik.