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D.S. Dundee: A New Range, A New Store

After a prolonged period of radio silence, D.S.DUNDEE returns to the fray with the winter range and a brand new store.

There’s too much to report in a single newsletter so over the coming weeks we’ll break things down into more detail, but in the meantime check out the range online—outerwear, tailoring (new 3-piece tweed suits anyone..?), a ton of Scottish knitwear, including some Fair Isle styles and beautiful chunky Merino shawl collars, 3 shirt styles and some of the finest footwear we've ever laid eyes on.

After a total overhaul on the store, we are now proud to open the doors on a space to do the collection justice. See the collection and new store.

Photos & text Copyright D.S. Dundee.

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