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Ember by Konrad Parol

For spring/summer 2016, Konrad Parol has prepared a collection entitled Ember, which he presented recently at Poland Fashion Week.

When I asked Konrad about the inspiration behind the designs, he replied, “the primary inspiration is people living under ground.”

In response to my inquiry into its relation to the previous collection, he stated, “The common denominator between the two collections—this one EMBER and the previous one REBELS—is a novel by H.G. Wells “The Time Machine.”

“Last time,” says Konrad, “I portrayed a master race; this time in EMBER, I portrayed the race of slaves, who lives underground. These are strong and proud people.”

Have a look at the collection.
Photos by Lukas Dziewic, Copyright Konrad Paarol.


Ember by Konrad Parol {Polish fashion designers}