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Footprint of Rubia®Red 100% Natural Colors

Several days ago, I received this newsletter from the managing director of Rubia®Red.

“In my last newsletter I announced a report about the CO2 footprint assessment of Rubia®Red.

The evaluation took place by the highly respected University of Utrecht; the final report came in now and looks very positive for our natural dyeing extract!

Our dyestuffs are more than carbon neutral; that is to say, they consume more CO2 in the vegetable stage as plants than what they produce in the stage of the colour production in our factory.

Therefore, customers using Rubia®Red will have so-called carbon credits!

When buying our dyestuffs, you can compensate part of the CO2 production of your own products.

So, our dye extracts have an exceptionally positive carbon footprint, enabling you to differentiate your products even more from competition!

Best regards from Steenbergen, The Netherlands and have a nice weekend,

PS: On 10 December, we will have an interesting Rubia event in the new headquarters of ZLTO in Den Bosch, The Netherlands. This will include an excursion through the building to see more than 1600 m2 carpets and interior claddings dyed with Rubia®Red!”

Way to go Rubia!

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