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Freemans Sporting Club—New York Manufacturing at Its Best!

Freemans Sporting Club’s new collection of heavy duty knitwear is launching in-store this week.

Woven and made entirely in Manhattan, these chunky shawl-collared cardigans exemplify the old-world craftsmanship that FSC stands for: the knitwear’s exquisite attention to detail, and the rich history of the garment.I In their search for a partner to manufacture their knits locally, Freemans Sporting Club came across a very unique company with whom to partner. Originally a German company, their Manhattan-based manufacturer sells knitting machines, and produce samples for large designer brands. They do not do production runs for anyone, with the exception of Freemans Sporting Club.

Their facility is also unique because they offer training classes in both pattern making and knitting and are considered the go-to knitwear resource in the US. Knitted from genuine Scottish Shetland, the wool cardigans feature side pockets, zipper closure and are constructed to maintain a strong, stable silhouette over time.

About Freemans Sporting Club

Freemans Sporting Club was established in New York City to pay tribute to the vanishing art of American handmade goods.

F.S.C. offers a roughly hewn yet refined reinterpretation of this bygone era, one in which a man’s garments were made to be both functional and long lasting.

Nearly all of the collection being manufactured within fifteen miles of the shop located on Rivington Street in downtown Manhattan, F.S.C. has grown beyond our humble beginnings but still remains as personal as the relationships formed through the creating of these modern, American made heirlooms.

Every F.S.C. garment is never more than a few hands removed from where it began and is made by the same ilk of seasoned artisans, tailors, and sewers who once flourished across the US and especially in the heart of New York City.

With less than 5% of American clothing being manufactured here, F.S.C. remains steadfastly dedicated and proud to be an American made product.
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