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Georgy Baratashvili—Pilots, Bombers, Leggings & Dancers

I just received the autumn/winter 2016 look book from Georgian designer, Georgy Baratashvili.

When I inquired about the look, he stated that he was inspired by a pilot and his uniform, especially the bomber jacket.

The “bomber jacket is one of my favorite pieces,” asserts Georgy, “and I always try to reinvent it in one way or another.”

He continued, “I may have some pieces from a dancer’s wardrobe—what a surprise from me (chuckles)—such as leg warmers and arm warmers.”

Georgy used hi-tech, waterproof fabrics, which maintain warmth, particularly for the “nasty winter weather.”

See the look book.

Photos Copyright Georgy Baratashvili.

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