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GIO-GOI Spring/Summer 2016 Footwear

London, July 2016. Gio-Goi’s footwear collection for men and ladies radiates with bright summery colours on sport inspired styles.

For men, Gio-Goi offer best-selling continuity styles in fresh spring colours, alongside brand new summer silhouettes. Bright colour pops stand out, as do the all red, all blue and all yellow shoes, bringing the energy of the 80’s to the range.

For the first time ever, Goi-Goi are launching a range of men’s casual footwear with crepe soles and leather uppers, all within the brand’s signature urban styling. Stand-out pieces for spring are the new lightweight boots with EVA outsoles and urban inspired profiles.
Essential for hot summers, flip-flops with bold t-shirt prints and vulcanised trainers with string vest mesh material are nice and light. No men’s summer collection would be complete without a boat shoe and Gio-Goi have not forgotten this.

The late 1980s and early 1990s were heady days for the music and club scene. Manchester’s Hacienda led the way, with sounds from the likes of the Happy Mondays immortalised by Factory Records; it was into this influential youth culture that founders Chris and Anthony Donnelly launched Gio-Goi.

It wasn’t long before Gio-Goi became the label that key figureheads, in both music and the media, actively sought out. While Brit-pop favourites such as Blur and Oasis became supporters of the brand, Gio-Goi became a uniform of choice for dedicated followers of rave culture, or as it commonly became known, the second ‘Summer of Love’.

Today at 21 Gio-Goi is stronger than ever, adding denim, footwear, accessories and eyewear to its already burgeoning core range.

Gio-Goi is now worn by a new generation of rock celebrities, reinforcing the strong music heritage on which the brand was built. It is this combination that continues to produce strong growth for Gio-Goi, being awarded Draper’s Fashion Brand of the year, Fastrack 100 and Cool Brand status for the second year running.
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