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Henrik Vibskov: the Designer

As a fashion designer Henrik Vibskov has produced Seventeen collections since he graduated from Central St. Martin’s in 2001, and he is currently the only Scandinavian designer on the official show schedule of the Paris Men’s Fashion Week, which he has been since January 2003.

Since the beginning of his career, Henrik has frequently been invited to and participated in festivals, contests, and talks, such as Swiss Textile Awards 2003 where he ended up in the finals: Hyères Festival 2003 and 2004, Expo 2005 japan, Noovo Festival 2007 in Santiago de Compostella, Design Week 2008 in Monterrey, Mexico and NOTCH Festival 2009 in Beijing.

Henrik Vibskov’s collections are sold only through thoroughly selected shops across the globe. Seven in New York, Midwest in Tokyo, Aloha Rag in Hawaii, Spr+ in Amsterdam, Traffic in Moscow, Mue in Seoul and his own Henrik Vibskov Stores in Copenhagen and Oslo are a few of the most influential stores, but lately countries like Saudi Arabia and Kuwait have embraced Henrik’s designs.

Through his career, Henrik’s designs have won him prizes such as Beck’s Student Future Prize 2000, Danish Design Council Award 2007,Brand of the Year DANSK Magazine Fashion Awards 2008 and Danish Art Council’s Design Award 2009

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Photos Copyright Henrik Vibskov, Courtesy Agentur V.

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