Marika Barbie + [Tunisia]

"Sooking" It up at the Local Market

This morning after a hearty breakfast of yogurt, cheese, dates, and coffee, I ventured into the old part of Tunis to meander through the streets of the souq qadim, otherwise known as traditional market.

The souq (pronounced ‘sook’) was all that which I expected, and more! Fez hats, Tunisian caps, ceramics, hookah pipes, leather bags and slippers, spices, fragrances, and oodles of tourist paraphernalia.

Most clothing consisted of women’s wear—totally outside my scope but interesting just as well, especially the handmade gowns for formal occasions.

My wanders culminated on the rooftop of the house belonging to the former Sultan who ruled during the Ottoman period. The view, which overlooked the homes of his four wives, was breathtaking.

Walk through the Souq.

Photos Copyright Men’s Fashion by Mark.


"Sooking" It up at the Local Market {Tunisia}