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Jet-Lagged in Tunis!

If I have to take my laptop out of my carryon just one more time (chuckles).... I must admit, sometimes cheap tickets make for stressful trips!

Putting all kidding aside.… After 4 flights, 6 times zones, and 24 hours of traveling, I finally arrived to the palm-studded city of Tunis! And it was worth the effort!

I checked into my 3-star hotel, snapped a few photos from my 6th floor balcony for you, and took it to the dusty streets of the city in search of a quiet dinner, which, consisting of grilled fish and sautéed vegetables, I found just around the corner.

I cannot wait to begin my explorations tomorrow. I think I will hit an early morning souq, or market, and then work my way over to the Bardo Museum for a major dose of history.

Well, before I start rambling, I had better take my jet-lagged body to bed! Enjoy the photos!

Enjoy the photos here!

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Jet-Lagged in Tunis! {Tunisia}