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Kent Denim—Hot out of the Oven! 1 Slice or 2?

I love creativity and new concepts stores! It’s great to see young men and women step out of the box, unless—well—it’s in a pizza box!
US designer, Noah Landis, has just innovated the online shopping experience for his label—Kent Denim.

Now when you order your new pair of Kent jeans, tee, and/or any amazing belt with a vintage buckle, your purchase will be delivered in—yes!—a pizza box.

Shipped from Frankie’s Place, the Kent collection is multi-thematic and lots of fun.

As expected, Frankie’s motto is “Everything is better in a pizza box!”

My favorite is the Margherita. Hm! Maybe Noah design one in honor of me?!

Photos Copyright Kent Denim.