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Maiden Noir “Wasted Youth”

Maiden Noir is pleased to present the Autumn 10 collection titled “Wasted Youth.”

The collection is a look through the eyes of a young war photographer trying to find meaning in what he is documenting.

The year is 1972 and the long war is near its end.

The cut and sew pieces in the collection pay tribute to a heritage of vintage silhouettes though leaning toward a more refined and clean classic look.

Fabrics used are a mix of heavy cotton twill, herringbone Frog Skin reversible camouflage, Army cloth twill and moleskin.

The focus is on the detailing, tailoring and materials. All of the pieces are made from Japanese fabrics and the selvage denim is tailored in Japan.

Featured items with the new collection include the Cameramen jacket with a quilted vest lining, the Reversible vest, the M-65 using ‘Breathtec’ fabric with all taped interior seams, the Woodland plaid shirt with solid flannel accents, and the Army cloth chinos available in both slim and standard fit.

Have a look at the entire look book.

Photos Copyright Maiden Noir.


Maiden Noir “Wasted Youth” {Vietnamese fashion designers}