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Manuel Bozzi and His “Ancient Keyrope” Pendant

The “Ancient Keyrope” pendant by Manuel Bozzi “wave” in a world of ropes cleverly forged in the silver playing in an eternal interlacement of knots, romantic “jails” for stones with an inestimable symbolic value. The Pisan designer seems to contain, force humble treasures in baroque knots, stones made rich because cut and shielded as diamonds. This "stolen treasure" kept narrow to the heart with the rope cause “key” of our deepest heart.

The new creations of the Pisan designer Manuel Bozzi take roots in Baroque and deco art to produce jewels which “live” of a symbolic duality in a world of silver-engraved ropes woven to form knots and capture treasures and tighten them to the heart. A new state of mind is born and molded into the metal: these are immortal instants, taken and bunged with knots. An evolutionary run that of Manuel Bozzi marked by a deep knowledge of the ancient jewel, a hard run, marked, always very rocky where symmetries and strict, specula geometries melt into distant alchemies.

Photo Copyright Manuel Bozzi.

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