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“Mechanic Abandon” by Luca Bertoni

Born in 1988 in Verona, Luca Bertoni lives in Treviso, where he studies Fashion Design at the IUAV University Of Venice.

Surrealist influences, especially Luis Buñuel, accompanied by the use of warhing and photo-retouching lead him to the creation of menswear collections where sartorial clothes, classics only in their appearance, distort actually blending and volumes in the wardrobe of the perfect bourgeois.

His design method enables him to draw on always different contemporary themes (from industrial archeology to Lo-Fi photography) while maintaining its style.

Among the various experiences, the creation of costumes and accessories for the parade “Multinatural (blackout),” a project by Arto Lindsay for the 53rd Venice Art Biennale.

In the Spring/Summer 2016 collection Abbandono Meccanico, inspired by industrial archeology, sartorial outerwear geometrize the man’s silhouette, apparently forcing him in an abandoned machine-like volume.

The sleeves, in most cases sewn to the haunches, allow the movements of arms through a slit on the back of the sleeve.

Pants folds and inserts create an overlap of different fabrics, reminding the various layers of damaged plaster, so abundant in ruins of factories.

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Photos Copyright Luca Bertoni.

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