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Menswear Line Inogu Fabrics Releases Fall 2016 Collection

SAN FRANCISCO, CA (October 4, 2016) Clothing brand Inogu Fabrics releases a new collection this fall.

The fall 2016 release marks the return of the young menswear line after having been on a hiatus for about a year. The new collection, titled Beasts & Blossoms: Collection 1, shows the brands move towards a more mature look. Previous seasons featured bright colors and bolder graphics, in a very Southern California style. This season favors a softer and more sophisticated appeal, while still borrowing inspiration from ancient Asian art history, myths, stories, and symbols.

Beasts & Blossoms: Collection 1 features three designs in a variety of colors. A traditional Japanese landscape design is infused with Dutch techniques of perspective and shadow in '5 Birds in a Skyline.' 'Bellflower Emblem' showcases a Chinese bellflower in its simplicity as an emblem over the left chest. And in 'Snake x Peacock,' the two animals, both important figures in Esoteric Buddhist culture, face off.

Inogu Fabric's fall 2016 collection is available in limited quantities through their website at

Inogu Fabrics was founded in November 2007 by Jason Lee and Jordan Ma. Inogu Fabrics seeks to re-appropriate selected works from the untapped dimensions of Asian Art History & Myth for a contemporary audience. They remix this imagery with modern principals and fashion aesthetics to create unique and raw products for the cultured individual.

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Menswear Line Inogu Fabrics Releases Fall 2016 Collection {US fashion designers}