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Merging with the Emerging in Tunis: Hafedh Barchouchi

Born 1986 in Tunis, the capital of Tunisia, Hafedh Barchouchi (pronounced baar-shòe-she) is one of sweetest young men one can ever encounter.

Deep in thought and rich in talent, Hafedh is an up-and-coming designer to watch.

I had the wonderful privilege this week, not only of meeting this talented young man, but also spending a good amount of time with him and his friends.

After apprenticing in design at ESSTED, Hafedh made the decision to dedicate himself totally to fashion design, which had been his passion since childhood.

So, Hafedh, how did you get your start?

It all began in 2007 at the side of Salah Barka: first, as a costume designer for the theater and cinema and, then, as an assistant at which time I spread my own wings becoming a “master.”

What was your first test flight, so to say?

In 2009, I decided to present a mini collection of cocktail outfits, which I produced myself through simple means.

Did this mini collection mark the launch of your label, 2112?

No, I assumed the position of chief in the style department at Nessma TV for 9 months before launching my own label and atelier.

What obstacles have you encountered as a young Tunisian designer?

Finding my own identity for my clothing…

Concerning your designs, do you look to a certain period for inspiration?

I do not want to limit myself to either the past or future. I prefer that the man whom I create be timeless, immortal, like an intense beam of light traveling through space, which, in turn brings forth the inspiration.

What does design mean to you?

For me, creating is no more than an exercise in volume and construction—the clothing is very linear and its volume shows a geometric approach.

Tell me about your collection “Moon Dust”…

“Moon Dust” is a collection of reflection on the body and its states of contrast. This new collection is dedicated to man, offering a modern wardrobe—stylish and practical.

Thank you, Hafedh and good luck to you!

One of the most profound impressions that Hafedh made on me is from the “Moon Dust” look book, which I have posted.

As you will notice, Hafedh is not merely a designer but one of the rare designers that is able to model his work! His photos are first in order.

Photos Copyright 2112.


Merging with the Emerging in Tunis: Hafedh Barchouchi {Tunisian fashion designers}