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“New Army Model” by Patryk Szajan Sudzik

Fourth largest city in Poland, Wrocław has been a part of many nations, such as Bohemia, Austria, and Germany.

Named after an early ruler, Wrocław dates back 1000 years and has over 15 names, depending on the language. In English, it is known as Breslau.

Now the city is the seat of many corporations, cultural sites, elaborate cathedrals, and amazing architecture.

Nineteen-year-old Polish designer, Patryk Szajan Sudzik, also hails from Wrocław. As a little boy, there, he dreamed of becoming a fashion designer.

Patryk interprets design as bending, destroying, tearing, sewing, dyeing, and finally reaching a unique original form—the means of emotional expression

Undeniably hedonistic, eccentric, and talented, Patryk views fabric as the “worthless and empty carrier of matter,” which becomes the “means of conveying an idea” when it comes into human awareness.

Patryk is inspired by his surroundings: nature, architecture, and art—obvious influences from his childhood hometown.

Minimalist and classic, his designs follow modern yet geometric forms—each collection exuding enthusiasm as it breaks from social norm.

Patryk’s most recent collection is entitled “New Army Model,” which unites militarism with the urban lifestyle, drawing from modern architecture as the inspiration.

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Photo Copyright Lukasz Virgins.

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