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Odyn Vovk Autumn/Winter 2016 “Three Fold Path”

From the inception of life, there are wonders and events that take place. The essence of this collection, "Three Fold Path", is a culmination of events that happened simultaneously of body, mind and essence.

In this rigid world, we are expected to fulfill the lives that we are given and we manifest our destiny through these means. The profound understanding of precision, diligence and the ability to deconstruct beauty had been found.

Surrounding this essential moment, a collection was formed to exude deep refinement and innovative garments. Three Fold Path.

“My work reflects on my youth and being inspired by anything that sparks my curiosity. The collection is designed without the structured direction that a hard lined story would offer. I have a much more spontaneous approach. Ideas pop into my head and I follow the ones worth following.”

- Austin Sherbanenko

About Austin Sherbanenko

Austin Sherbanenko is of Ukrainian descent. His grandfather went through extremely harsh times, which he survived only through wolf-like wisdom and strength.

From his grandfather’s “one wolf” example and his father’s teaching, Austin learned to “do what it takes” to get the job done. For this reason, he named his label Odyn Vovk, which translates as ‘One Wolf’.

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Photos Copyright Odyn Vovk.


Odyn Vovk Autumn/Winter 2016 “Three Fold Path” {US fashion designers}