Marika Barbie + Raphael Hauber

Raphael Hauber: Stepping It Up in Spring/Summer 2016

The spring summer collection 2016 is inspired by empty and anonymous stairways, symmetrical stairways that are arranged around a center and which can often be found in big public buildings like old opera houses. A special focus in the collection is a strict symmetry and kaleidoscope effect.

Pictures of a late 70ies stair-rail in an apartment building have been modified and used as all over print for sheer silk cotton shirts and jeans. Another print of a stairway kaleidoscope picture with a male and female model face mirrors the symmetry or asymmetry of a human face.

The pattern exists of symmetrically arranged inserts taken from the stair-rails. A bright apricot nylon block insert is used in ecru linen as well as in denim jackets and shorts and reminds of escape routes. The main fabrics are bleached and blue leight weight denim, blue denim, cotton silk chiffon, cotton jersey, linen and nylon.

Take a walk up each step of the collection.

Photos Copyright Raphael Hauber.

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