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Sadak: “I Am a Good Socialist”

Currently based in Berlin, Sasha Kovacevic is a young Serbian designer who bases his concept on ethnographical studies, historical research, anthropology, and Balkan traditions with which he is so familiar.

The very meaning of his label Sadak, ‘a sleeveless jacket’ worn in the Balkans, points to this young man’s proud cultural heritage of Slavic mysticism, political ideologies, heroic warriors, magical symbols, and poetic objects.

For spring/summer 2016, Sasha explores socialist yearning of the former Yugoslavia during the 1960’s and set in context of southeastern Europe.

The masks point to heroic warriors, only to be replaced by the National Guard. Workers are represented by the color blue, while nationalistic fervor is incited with an array of military colors.

Have a look at the collection.

Photos Copyright Sadak.


Sadak: “I Am a Good Socialist” {Serbian fashion designers}