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Salah Barka, the Tuni-clectic Designer

On the runway at Tunis Fashion Week this summer, Salah Barka demonstrated his keen ability of combing modern trends with ethnic and historic elements drawn from his country’s rich heritage.

As you will see in the look book, Salah revisits the 1960’s Summer of Love as he adds a touch of Turkish pants, medieval male leggings, and Tunisian sandals.

This avant-garde collection of eclectic styles spans the millennia of great civilizations that inhabited his homeland—Tunisia.

As Salah and I went through the photos this week, he explained to me how he envisions modern man on the backdrop of such an amazing cultural legacy, which, at times, only UNCESCO succeeds to reward.

Have a look at the entire collection.
Photos Copyright Salah Barka.


Salah Barka, the Tuni-clectic Designer {Tunisian fashion designers}