Marika Barbie + [Sasha Marini]

Sasha Marini by Alberto Rugolotto for Denim A/W 2016

Today I received several images from a photo shoot of Sasha Marini by Alberto Rugolotto for Denim.

The images were taken in Paris for the Denim 2016 autumn/winter campaign.

Sasha writes, “the concept of the set was to express a type of modern, natural and slightly rugged man with a strong personality and a very open-minded attitude that is not afraid to be daring with his sexuality in an increasingly elegant way.”

“The goal of our shoot, continues Sasha, “was to take ‘corageous’ photos that express reality in a direct way.”

Grazie, Sasha!

Check out the full shoot.

Photos Copyright Denim, Courtesy Sasha Marini.