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See you in Tunisia!

Hopefully the next time I write to you, it will be from the exotic beaches of Tunisia, on my way back home to visit family and friends in Italy! I board the plane this afternoon!

But many people have asked me, why the fascination with Tunisia? Well, I have been intrigued by all foreign languages and cultures since my early years, at which time I became acquainted with a fellow classmate from the Middle East.

Unfortunately when I went on to study at university, I was not able to major in Arabic, since I was already double-majoring in Russian and Chinese languages. Nevertheless, I never lost my fervor for the Middle East!

Then last year when I began studying Arabic, I persuaded my family to be tested in the Genome Study. The results were mind blowing and fun, if nothing else!

While maternal and paternal sides originate in Africa, the DNA on my paternal side can be traced back to 6,000 BC, to the Fertile Crescent. Maternally, our DNA can be traced back to Lebanon at about the same time, sharing 25% in common with the Bedouin and Yemeni.

In a diverse world like today, such studies can do much to eradicate bigotry and hatred, as people realize that we are not so different but rather all related in one way or another!

Well in my case, such information is taking me to the ancient foundations of Carthage, where I will continue to explore the history of menswear and—who knows—possibly the old stomping grounds of my ancestors!

I imagine that, eventually, I will have to go to Lebanon and Yemen. But for now, see you in Tunisia!

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