Marika Barbie + Shudy

Shudy—the Ready Shoe...Shoe Ready!

Reproducing a fashion icon in a different material.
Using a synthetic material to break away from the original, as a contrast.

The readymade as a source of inspiration, in the instantaneous nature of the creative act, and similarities with cracking art, in terms of using plastic, are the cornerstones of the Shudy concept.

The readymade: an everyday object that instantaneously becomes a work of art, thanks to the intentional nature of the artist’s gesture.

Like the urinal by Marcel Duchamp (inventor of the readymade), which became a work of art precisely because it was exhibited as such for the public; like his Mona Lisa with moustache and goatee beard in L.H.O.O.Q. Existing products that lose their object status to become works of art.

Plastic, on the other hand, is the material used by the Cracking Art Group for its provocative installations: reproductions of animals made using recycled plastic and placed in historic settings or busy public areas, like streets and shopping centres.

And so we come to the ready-shoe, the shoe-ready or Shudy.

100% Made in Italy. See the colorful collection.

Photos & text Copyright Shudy, Courtesy Blackboard.

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