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Stitches from the Past—Traditional Tunisian Menswear

While modern Tunisia rests on the remote glory of the Berbers, Phoenicians, Carthaginians, Romans, and Arabs, more recent history has impacted the traditional menswear in Tunisia, especially the Ottoman period.

While making the rounds with my two new Tunisian designer friends, Salah and Hafedh, we stepped into one of the traditional menswear boutiques called Chalbi Tahar.

The owner of the tiny shop explained in much detail the history of each garment, which is handmade and hand embroidered, using fine materials like silk, cotton, linen, and raw silk.

The base of traditional Tunisian menswear is the djebba, a type of long robe, which young designers have begun to reinterpret in innovative ways.

Commonly known in the West as a Fez, this woolen hat is called the Chechia in Tunisia (pronounced ‘sheshia’). Additional headwear includes the kakhta, or turban.

Shoes vary from open-heel slipper types to raised-heel leather shoes.

In the coming days, I will elaborate on these items, as well as shawls, cloaks, and hooded garments.

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Stitches from the Past—Traditional Tunisian Menswear {Tunisian fashion}