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Svensson Sailor Coat by Armor Lux

The first heritage SVENSSON collaboration has seen day light. Armor Lux is a French brand from 1938 known for its striped sailor's sweaters worn by everyone from Picasso to Madonna. We’ve let them do their classic reefer jacket, which is still made according to the artisanship in Bretagne, France.

The reefer jacket has been a part of the French sailor's uniform since 1853. It was originally made by the sailors themselves whom, in those days, made them waterproof with tar, grease, and turpentine.

On sale only in our Malmö shops and webshop.

“The back ground is that we wanted to do the classic sailor coat for a long time and thought it would be great to go to an original manufacturer for the best craftsmanship and finish,” writes Mariano Leone of Svensson.

“The model was already very SVENSSON in itself: very clean, minimalistic, and timeless, so we took it as it was.”

Photo Copyright Svensson.


Svensson Sailor Coat by Armor Lux {Swedish fashion designers}