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The Fantastic Futuristic Fun of Patrick Mohr

Normally when I write an article on a designer, I post only the menswear designs; but with Patrick Mohr’s 2016 spring/summer collection, leaving out the women’s gallery detracts from the overall look.

Patrick Mohr presented the collection the recent Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in Berlin with an array of bald and bearded hipsters that blended the sexes into an androgynous silhouette of Neolithic, neo-alien style.

Oftentimes, onlookers and viewers cannot see past the radicalism (or get over the shock) in such a creative production and, thus, miss out on the trends to come.

Typical of the 2016 season are the draping, layers, asymmetry, rolled-up kurta pants, sheer fabrics, and rugged cuts.

What about the bald heads, shaved eyebrows, and straggly beards? You may just see that too!

So, enjoy here the photo gallery and film to be transported to the fantastic, futuristic and fun world of Patrick Mohr!

Photos Copyright @ Dan and Corina Lecca at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week.


The Fantastic Futuristic Fun of Patrick Mohr {Men's Fashion}