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Todd and Terry Saves the World

(MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA – SEPT. 2, 2016) – Australia’s finest underwear label Todd and Terry is concerned that the Global Financial Crisis (GFC) is taking its toll on guys being able to replace their underwear. And the last thing the world needs is men walking around in old underwear!

So it’s Todd and Terry to the rescue! The brand has now reduced its retail prices permanently, so that you can wear new underwear.

From now through February 2016, you can buy any pair of Todd and Terry from your favorite retailer for only $15.50. And it gets better. They guarantee the price will stay under $20 through to February 2016.

If you need to replace your underwear or you’ve thought of trying Todd and Terry, there’s never been a better time. And you could even win a year’s supply of the world’s favorite underwear!

All you have to do is simply enter online at Todd and Terry’s official website, and the brand will give the five most needy guys, as judged by the public, a year’s supply (24 pairs) of Todd and Terry for FREE.

The GFC won’t stop Todd and Terry from keeping the world looking and feeling fresh.

Press release & photo Courtesy Grapevine, Copyright Todd and Terry.


Todd and Terry Saves the World {underwear}