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Tunitrends in Tunis are Terrific!

“Besides the rich traditional heritage of Tunisian menswear and the few innovative designers that reinterpret such styles, what else is happening here in the Tunisian fashion scene,” you ask?
While there several local modern menswear brand names exist in Tunisia, the majority of labels that attract the most attention, especially among the youth, are ones that you and I know like Zara, Benetton, and Armani.

I did see other smaller name brands from Italy, such as Ex-bit, which is a brand from Naples whose look appears to be a big hit among the youth.

Young Tunisian men, particularly teenagers, are drawn to the trends that are most common in Italy.

Commonly on the streets, I saw Tunisian guys in a polo and tee that was pink, purple, violet, and fuchsia. Some young businessmen also wear these colors for a shirt and tie.

Jeans are the most common pants among the youth—hands down! But, again, they are very stylish with assorted details.

Like the tees, polos, and jeans, shirts are almost always very tight fitting—a slim silhouette.

Shoes among the youth tend to anything from a sporty Nike or stylish takeoff on a Converse.

As for accessories, I see lots of cool sunglasses, as well as wristbands, bracelets, necklaces, but not so many earrings and, even less, tattoos.

Teenage hairstyles are normally impeccable. (Oh, by the way, those aren’t black masks in the photo—I just blocked out the faces for privacy.)

All in all, I must say—way to go teenagers!!!

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