Marika Barbie + [Van Dale]


Van Dale founded his eponymous label in 2007, being supported by the company Simon & Simon and its employees from the beginning. This Danish designer is grateful to them for making the first collection a reality.

The VAN DALE collection is based on the term “Androgyny” with injections of playful inputs that turns itself towards the sophisticated male adult who’s still young at heart.

The VAN DALE consumer consists of a very individual identity who, like me, appreciates being anonymous.

The designer states that, “in respect of that fact I uphold the right not to bring the so-called “Target Group” into any further segmentation in terms of a certain “box” and colour, I will merely say that he lives within each and every one of us.”

“Therefore,” he goes on to say, “it is also my distinguished wish to be and always remain 100% anonymous, based on the ideology that the contemporary consumer is the real creator of VAN DALE.”

VAN DALE is currently available at the Temporary Showroom.

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Photos Copyright VAN DALE, Courtesy Temporary Showroom.