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We’re Moving…to the Cliffs

The Idea

Two years ago the Griffin family took a trip to Canada, whilst there they met a man who hung wooden pods in trees. This got Jeff thinking....If we can combine our love for the outdoors and our passion for what we do across areas other than fashion, we could create something really unique. Two years on, Griffin HQ is moving from its humble cowshed abode in the Wiltshire countryside to the Devonshire cliffs to put their ideas into action.

The Plan

In an area of outstanding natural beauty lays Hartland Farm a mile from Hartland point in North Devon and just a short walk from the dramatic Jurassic coastline. Soon to be the home of the Griffin Studio this rural location is the setting for our next project - An Eco Camping Retreat. A place to escape into the outdoors, camping without the mud, dome living in a sustainable and self sufficient environment. A creative place where people come to relax in an environment that is fun and at one with the outdoors. Working with the local community to create a social atmosphere bringing together outdoor sports, lectures and live music.

Why Now?

We have been designing men’s clothing for 16 years and whilst we're not millionaires we believe that what we do is appreciated by the people we sell to. Since moving out of London almost 10 years ago we have had some of our most successful years, this opportunity to think freely allows the realness to come through in our collections to deliver something that is truly distinctive. The country is our inspiration and these fresh surroundings in Devon will allow us to continue to create great clothing whilst building on our Griffin world to offer something new.

Follow Us

So as we say goodbye to Graceland & hello to Loveland we welcome the Griffin community to join us in our move. We will be blogging new updates and invite you to join us in conversation on facebook, twitter and the blog as the project develops. You can also subscribe to our blog to receive information direct to your inbox, click here to subscribe.
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