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21 Grams—Spring/Summer 2016/11 in New Zealand: “Sicker than your Average Bear”

If it’s hot, hip, sick and twisted; it’s in the summer collection from new tee label 21Grams.

Going places no other brands would dare, 21Grams is the brainchild of the politically incorrect Andrew McCulloch and Shaun Bay.

“We wanted a tee label with prints that pushed the boundaries,” says McCulloch. “We are not into designing the clichéd ‘Kiwi’ prints—maps, tikis etc, because we live here; we don’t need to promote New Zealand every minute of the day,” he says. “So we created our own brand with prints of what others don’t dare to.”

Guns, drugs, sex and psychotic pandas throwing gang signs are featured heavily in this summer’s collection—for those who like their streetwear to be truly on the edge.

The melting TV print is one LSD trip away from liquefying your mind, and the Molotov Mondays tee will show your disdain for the ordinary and mundane in all of our lives.

There are knife toting pirates for punk chic hoes, risky .at caps emblazoned with ‘Live ‘til you die’ sure to get you kicked out of the country club, and the tees come in a range of colours guaranteed to make you stand out from the crowd.

This summer from 21Grams is not for the faint at heart -indeed, in order to don these duds, you will have to be Sicker than the Average Bear.

New Zealand 2016-11 Spring/Summer Series:

(Remember, your winter may be Kiwi summer!)
Doosh—Spring/Summer 2016-11 in New Zealand: “Wild at Heart”
Elusiv—Spring/Summer 2016/11 in New Zealand: “Spirit”
Rembrandt—Spring/Summer 2016/11 in New Zealand: “Goldeneye”
Trix & Dandy —Spring/Summer 2016/11 in New Zealand: “Dazed but Not Confused”
Wayward Heir—Spring/Summer 2016/11 in New Zealand: “If I’m Alive, I’m Swinging”
Silverdale—Spring/Summer 2016/11 in New Zealand

Photos 2016-11 s/s collection “Sicker than your Average Bear”Courtesy Coco PR, Copyright 21 Grams.

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