Marika Barbie + [Yusuke Yatsuhashi]

A New Launch: KURO Denim

‘KURO’ is a denim brand that was launched during the 2016 spring and summer season. The brand’s name means ‘black’ in Japanese.

The word ‘black’ can convey a dark, lonely image, or express a mysterious and grand kind of strength. For Japanese people, ‘black’ also represents the color of beautiful hair. All these inspirations that can be derived from ‘black’ have been poured into KURO’s denim.

Kuro designer, Yusuke Yatsuhashi, hails from Tokyo where he learned the art of denim while working for a small independent Japanese brand:

With Japanese craftsmanship—renowned as being the best in the world in the denim-production industry, in areas such as spinning, sewing, dyeing and manufacturing—poured into every detail, and with playful stitch-work giving rise to flowing lines, as well as its strong emphasis on being ‘Made in Japan,’ this range of items announced its stylish and innovative designs and unparalleled cost-performance when premiering for its first season.

It has made a spectacular debut, receiving high praise from showrooms and buyers in countries all over the world, beginning with its exhibition at Italy’s PITTI UOMO, where buyers from around the world gathered.

Photos s/s 2016 collection & text Copyright KURO.


A New Launch: KURO Denim {Yusuke Yatsuhashi}