Marika Barbie + [Samurai]

Asia Wysoczynska Exploring Space, Gender & Time

In a similar way to famous Polish astronomer, Nicolaus Copernicus (1473–1543), who explored the wonders and beauties of the universe, Polish designer Asia Wysoczynska is exploring the beauties and wonders of the human body.

Two years before graduating with honors from the International School of Costume and Fashion Design, Asia launched her eponymous label in Warsaw, in 2008.

Prior studies include the Psychology of Creativity and Art at Jagiellonian University in Kraków.

Asia’s most recent collection is “HEroSHE, The Warrior,” which narrates a story of hidden beauty and virtues.

Travelling through space, time, and gender, Asia draws her inspiration from the garments of the Samurai, alluding to the imperial dress of the Mikado or tennō—‘the Japanese Emperor’.

Items like the kataginu (bat wing vest) are combined with the hakama (skirt-like pants), creating the look of a kamishimo—the modern equivalent of a Samurai suit!

This 2016 autumn/winter collection is emotive in look , magnetic in feel, and energetic in style...just like its designer!

Photo & slideshow 2016 a/w collection “HEroSHE, The Warrior,” Copyright Asia Wysoczynska.


Asia Wysoczynska Exploring Space, Gender & Time {Samurai}