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Assembly New York with Greg Armas

Born 1979 in Oregon, Greg Armas studied Fine Art and Curatorial Studies in Los Angeles before launching the vintage concept boutique, Scout LA, in 2003.

Greg then went on to work as an architectural and retail consultant in Tokyo, relocating to New York in 2008 where he opened a vintage retail shop called Assembly New York.

A year later, Greg filled in the gap between retail and design by establishing a unisex collection that was rooted in natural materials, tradition, and “future-primitive” details.

Working with a limited palette, and avoiding excess, Greg examines the concept of uniforms, such as those of a soldier or a worker in Europe at the turn of the past century.

Check out the collection.

Photo & slideshow 2016 s/s collection, Copyright Assembly New York.


Assembly New York with Greg Armas {US fashion designers}