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“Bloody Remains” in Spring/Summer 2016 with Rozalb de Mura

Alright! I apologize. I don’t know how I let this one slip by my attention. But the collection is still in season.

“Bloody Remains” is the 2016 spring/summer collection by Rozalb de Mura.

Oozing with theatrical extravagance, the line presents just 2 full costumes, which allude to the looks of a warrior’s armament—in masculine and feminine form.

Hiding the identity of the wearer, the two outfits can be composed, decomposed, and recomposed again, like disintegrable antique robots that are constructed with multiple parts.

The warriors’ attire spans primitive, tribal, and royal repertoires, unexpectedlyculminating in contemporary combinations.

Void of buttons and zippers, the collection is pieced together with hundreds of strings in a process that resembles an elaborate ritual, of which the designer writes:

“The woods grew dark and deep. Grey is the light and down it creeps, through thousand needle leaves. A bitter wind, the fir trees stand tall and stately. In splendid indifference you’re all alone. An owl cries, it’s only a bird – wise, they say. Or is it a laugh? You shudder in the unknown.

Beware. Go round the mountains of the moon, get down the valleys of sorrow, do look away from dancing shadows. Cover your ears, the voices you hear are oh, too temptingly, cruelly sweet.

The mighty woods are all behind. You went to rest under the great Hawk’s Rock. And there it was. A nest of earth and bones that threw alluring shimmers, of gold and light, of blues and greens, the dream of dreamers. Remains of bloody unseen worlds, or ancient shrine to power? You’ll never know. Raise and take away your gaze, do not upset the silence. Times are not ripe yet, traveler.”

Photo 2016 s/s collection Copyright Rozalb de Mura.
Models: Raluca Negrea/Silviu Tolu @ Allure Models

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