Marika Barbie + Stefano Ughetti

Camo at Capsule, New York

Although I had posted on him and corresponded with him numerous times, another designer that I met at the Capsule Show this week was Stefano Ughetti.

Born 1974 to a line of artists in Biella, Italy, Stefano completed his education and went on to work in an interior design company in 1995 and home design firm in 2000.

After launching his own menswear store in 2005, he finally founded his own line Camo in 2007. Camo is the abbreviation of “camouflage” and is an elegant casual male clothing brand.

Elegant casual male clothing brand, relative to north-european inspiration and italian substance, You can find it in different colours but it remains always the same because it is a thought, an idea.

“My purpose for creating Camo was not to dress people, but to put them in touch with what they wear. People have to be camouflaged in their society inside the rules of them but they still want to communicate themselves so this is my purpose for Camo.”
Click here for the 2016 spring/summer Country Collection.

Photo & slideshow 2016 s/s “Country”collection Copyright Camo.

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