Marika Barbie + [Stefano Ughetti]

CAMO Country Collections Spring/Summer 2016

“Country” as Land, Nation, Countryside
and also Traditions and Origins.
This collection tells about the tight link between who we are
and where we come from: the Motherland
as language, civilization and customs.
A deep look to our roots to follow our
nature and become what we are.

CAMO Country Collections Spring/Summer 2016 by Stefano Ughetti draws inspiration from 2 sources: first, the Italian film “L’albero degli zoccoli” by Ermanno Olmi and, second, from studying books like “Lassù gli ultimi” and “Fame d’erba” by Gianfranco Bini.

Photo & slideshow 2016 s/s “Country”collection Copyright Camo.